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Reviews are starting to roll in!
Ions is currently showing 4.5+ stars on the iPad App Store. Check it out!

Also check out the stellar review from MacStories where they think Ions "might just be the most powerful and technically advanced particle visualizer we've seen on the iOS platform." Wow!

MacStories' review of Ions

Italy also loves Ions! iPadders.it calls Ions a "visualizzatore spettacolare" and "it transforms the displays of particles into something extraordinary."

iPadders.it's review of Ions

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Ions is only $0.99! You can buy it on the App Store here.
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Control up to 20,000 particles of light! Ions is an addictive virtual sandbox where you can create dazzling patterns in realtime. Ions runs at 60 fps and really shows off the power of the iPad. There are infinite creative possibilities with Ions - you won't be able to put it down!

Use your fingers to either paint with ions or interact with them. Place emitters to control where new ions are created and their initial speeds and directions. Then use fields to either attract or repel ions, altering their velocities.

Accelerometer support allows the ions to respond to gravity. You also have five different looks to choose from; each one completely changes the appearance of the ions. Additionally, you can save and load your favorite layouts at any time.

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