Ions 2+ is the new version of the favorite iOS particle sandbox!

Ions is back, recharged and better than ever! The sequel to the staff-favorite particle simulation allows total control over the look and behavior of your creations. Ions 2+ also supports iPhones and iPods as well as iPads!

Your ions can now change color and size based on age, speed, direction, and other parameters! Change shape, leave trails, change the background, and more! Use your device's accelerometer to react to gravity or add turbulence and drag for more variety. You also have both rectangular and polar grids for precise placement.

Why stop at only 20,000 particles? With Ions 2+, you can raise the limit on faster devices.

Of course you can still save your favorite layouts, as well as any custom looks you've created.

Ions 2+. I'm positive you'll love it.

For support, email support [at]
The original Ions website is here.